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Hon. Fikile Xasa

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The mandate of this department is to ensure a Local Government system that is able to respond to the needs of the citizens. This is a onerous mandate requiring our best efforts



The Eastern Cape Province enters the third week of the summer initiation season with its Traditional Initiation Monitoring Teams firmly on the ground throughout the Province. The monitoring teams are mitigating risks during this period to ensure the safe passage of abakhwetha to manhood.

So far the monitoring teams have visited more than 5 000 abakhwetha in both legal and illegal amabhoma in the Province. Those abakhwetha in illegal amabhoma have been integrated to the legal ones and discharged the necessary medical attention.

The teams observed the following challenges during the visits;

  • Dehydration due to non-provision of water.
  • Septicemia.
  • Boys who circumcise themselves, and
  • Illegal circumcisions. Continue reading