About us


An integrated, capable, responsive and accountable local government and traditional institution system focusing on the needs of the community.


To promote a developmental local state and traditional institutions that are accountable, focused on citizen’s priorities; capable of delivering high-quality services consistently and sustainably through cooperative governance and participatory democracy.


Consultation:We always consult our customers on the level, quality and choices of the services we offer.
Quality:We set high standards geared towards effective and efficient service delivery.
Equality:We shall give equal access to our services to all, with special emphasis on targeted groups.
Professionalism:We believe that our customers are entitled to be treated courteously and with the highest level of professionalism.
Highest ethical standards:We shall always maintain zero tolerance towards fraud and corruption.
Staff our greatest assets :We believe that our employees are integral to the success of the department and we will at all times endeavor to ensure that their organizational needs are satisfied.
Responsiveness :We pledge to respond speedily and effectively to the needs of stakeholders and communities.